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Butterfly Recording - Search Through Butterfly Records Submitted Online - Kent (In The Field)
2017 Season

You can search through all the Kent (In The Field) sightings submitted online for the 2017 season from here. Simply either select the butterfly from the list, search for a species by date by site name/location or by recorder name.

Please note this does not search through or include the records submitted to our branch recorder by email post etc.

This search page only searches through the 2017 season records and will allow display the grid reference or post code entered by the recorder.

This search page does not search through the garden butterfly records submitted online. To search through the garden records please click here.

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Use this option to search for all records of a certain species of butterfly.

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Use this option to search for all records of a certain butterfly and by a certain date.

  Search by all species seen in a certain month

Use this option to search for all records subitted online for a certain month.

  Search by Site Name or Location

Use this option to search for all records of a butterfly, for a certain site/location.

  Search by Recorder Name

Use this option to search for all sightings submitted by a certain recorder.

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